painted rock

Twiglet #63
Posted on February 13, 2018 by Misky

stone – still


A dash of paint
Glimmering eyes that
Seem to touch my soul
Yet it is stone – still

15 thoughts on “painted rock

  1. There is a ‘fad’ going of painted rocks… if you are on facebook there are many communities.
    While traveling I have actually found several ‘painted rocks’. I have one with a dog face from Wisconsin, and I have photos of others.
    Did you paint that beautiful fox?!
    Lovely verse too!


      1. Fox is a translation of one of my family names…
        I dabble in crafts… but I haven’t gotten into detail. While I was traveling and found those other painted rocks… I made some chicken scratch drawings on rocks for others to find… though since I don’t have FB I only know that they were taken from where I left them. Hopefully made who ever found them happy.

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