Day Thirteen of NaPoWriMo

the challenge today is to write a ghazal – a challenge indeed!



there is a large and quite strange collection
of loosely related people I call my family

a motley crew of shapes and sizes
ages and talents and I think they’re all my family

everyone is shorter than your average Joe
except Uncle Mike who is really tall in my family

there have even been rumors bandied about
where he came from which casts a pall over my family

then Aunt Rita insists that he doesn’t belong but
Uncle Art says he does and that starts a brawl in my family

I’m afraid I’ll never find someone to marry if I have to
introduce them to this off-the-wall bunch, my family

2 thoughts on “Family

  1. LOL! Yes, you will! Every family has oddities and is full of characters. 🙂

    My own brother looks completely different from my sisters and I. We’re fair, blond, green eyed, he was dark, with soft dark brown eyes, and hair. Some gene somewhere down the line is where he came from. 🙂 My mother had dark brown hair with hazel eyes, and a gorgeous olive complexion. She’s nearly all white haired now. 🙂
    Speaking of short and tall. My daughter is 5ft 3in. or so but, my son is 6ft 2in.! They don’t look too much alike either. They are often mistaken as a couple when we’re out together! They hate that!! 🙂


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