The Weaver

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Poetics : Artisans

Kim is our host for this challenge –

“The challenge is to write a poem about an artisan or wright, for example a weaver, thatcher, wheelwright or carpenter, or any other craftsman you can think of. It can be a real person, you or someone you know, or a fictional person. All I ask is that you emulate the form and/or style of one of the Heaney poems.”
The Weaver
She was a weaver known by all
She’d weave for you a throw, a shawl

The wealthy of the town would pay
Three shillings just so they could say

They wore the finest ever made
By the widow living in the glade

She wove some magic in each one
A spell of peace for everyone

I sat each night upon her knee
As warp and weft she taught to me

But when she died her spell died too
And peace remained for just a few

It was to me the burden fell
To learn to weave, the chaos quell

Now to my God each night I’ve prayed
For mercy, I had disobeyed

Slept when sitting at the loom
And her sweet peace I did foredoom

3 thoughts on “The Weaver

  1. Hi Candy! How delightful to read about another weaver! Three shillings would be a steal for a piece of beautiful craftwork these days! You’ve really captured Heaney’s style with the rhythm and rhyme, as well as the progression of the poem to its conclusion.What I love most is that you’ve woven in some magic!


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