Summer Journeys

It didn’t matter where
we were going
It was the ride

that created our memories
singing in the back seat
– the songs our

mother taught us –
“Hey, Hey Good Lookin”
and “I See The Moon”

it was the journey we
always remembered

The Pub is open again at d’Verse  and were writing Quadrilles about a journey.

25 thoughts on “Summer Journeys

  1. What a delight! I was an only child but shared the back seat frequently with two teenaged aunts or my grandmother. We still had fun and sang and played I Spy….you have brought back happy days with this.


  2. So much truth in your words. The destination is just a bonus at the end. It is the moments journeyed together that hold the love, nurturing and precious memories.


  3. I love these memories…and I remember that song too “Hey, Hey, Good Lookin” (watcha got cookin). 🙂 My mother used to sing a lot back in the day too.


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