First Date

the band played Moonlight Serenade
and they danced cheek to cheek
across the floor
they were young and in love
once more
the rhythm of the music
swept them back to
a first date when she was
shy and he a nervous
young soldier

Quadrille 1

Bjorn has challenged us to write a poem using ‘dance’ as a verb with an object and in just 44 words

7 thoughts on “First Date

  1. Dancing histories loving
    embracing human touch
    from romancing brave soldiers
    danCinG shy damsels in diStress..
    to disco days.. slow dance
    songs.. enough whisky
    to brave the ask
    of dance..
    to joyful dance hall
    days.. wHere then.. everyone
    gets on the floor at once..:)

    Now it is women
    who approach
    dances first..
    and oh.. God help
    me.. i’M juSt there
    to exercise.. in aerobic
    martial arts and ballet moves..
    happily married at 55..
    assaults from rear
    to front..
    dancing genders
    battle now.. dancing
    microcosms.. society large..:)


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