Inky Stars

vast spent stars of darkest ink
I think
are hiding in the deep of night
they might
have given up their glow
just flow
above us here below
keeping wishes we have made
upon them till they’d fade
I think they might just flow

De is tending bar at the pub and has challenged us to try our hand at an Ovillejo

Check it out at d’Verse Poets

30 thoughts on “Inky Stars

  1. Little do ‘they’ remember
    or feel the fuller UniVerse
    inside.. binoculars.. telescopes
    that aid the eye so far.. but never
    of us..
    so briGht
    and liGht
    just waiting
    to come out
    and play and
    shine so BriLLiAnT..
    hUman imagiNaTion
    Moving.. ConnecTinG..
    Creating.. Free aGain..:)


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