cold spring


Photo : copyright Kanzensakura ( used with permission)

We have an old apple tree in our yard. There used to be three but over the years weather and disease got the best of the other two. Some years this old tree blooms abundantly and we have a harvest of misshapen but delicious apples at the end of summer. Birds nest in its branches and deer feast on the fallen fruit. Our granddaughter loves to play in the twisted branches. Every spring, as those lovely delicate white flowers begin to appear, we wonder if this will be the year we get a late freeze and will our old friend survive to delight us another season.
tender blossoms
with coats of winter white
spring snow


d’Verse Poets  –  Haibun Monday

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai  -#895  Harusamu (cold spring)

34 thoughts on “cold spring

  1. Smiles.. first
    just to let you
    know Candy..
    your link did not
    directly link here.. but
    hopefully most folks will
    look further and still find
    it here.. with no problem
    at all.. like me.. smiles..

    And back to your
    poem.. smiles.. reminds
    me of my Grandmother’s
    crab apple tree on the
    river i am raised at…

    Picking best
    butt red..;)

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  2. Nice connection with a tree. I grew up with a fig tree in the garden. It gave deliciously sweet figs. Winter did nothing to it; but one summer, my dog (a german shepherd) kept playing with it (against our efforts to stop the game) pulling its branches, until our fig tree gave up.


  3. Your haibun is lovely, Candy. It reminds me of the three apple trees my son has in his backyard and you remind me how much I miss those lovely blossoms in spring. your haiku is stunning and fitting to that image! I could not help but reminisce “spring snow” and our running sap soon mid February and lots and lots of maple syrup.

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  4. We do get attached to our trees don’t we? It’s sad when one doesn’t survive and we have to see it go. I love how you speak of your granddaughter playing in the branches. It’s a fun childhood pastime. Such a beautiful haibun told most tenderly, and love your haiku.


  5. There is something wonderful about old trees, isn’t there? I do hope your apple tree continues to survive….. This poem makes me think of an apple tree that I was given as a gift when I was a child. It was planted in my childhood backyard. I wonder if it is still living there. Somehow I doubt it. Sigh.


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