unbucket list

I will not make a buck-
et list
all things I’d like to do

then tick them off
one by one
until my bucket’s
empty and I am left

instead I will drop some-
thing into my bucket
each day
a kind deed, an adventure

with a four year-old,
a trip, a concert, an un-
expected email,
lunch with a friend

oh, I’m sure there will be big
surprises in my bucket too
and when I reach the end
of this life

I will spill out all the
wonders my bucket
holds, smiling in
gratitude for my full bucket


Just Jot It January – bucket list

Open Link NightΒ at d’Vers Poets

39 thoughts on “unbucket list

  1. I am with you on that bucket list ~ each day
    a kind deed, an adventure – is more fitting rather than trying for those big deeds & projects ~ You got the right attitude to start the year ~


  2. Oh gosh..now
    we live in such
    an amazing world
    where we are free
    can learn so much..
    art so much..
    eat whatever
    we want..
    and then
    there is
    a warm
    a warm
    even toilet
    paper.. and
    paper towels
    to clean up
    the every
    of life too..
    Wow.. this is heaven now
    too much to do to even
    empty oceans of hope..
    truly it is a
    river of
    swimming iN
    and making
    new streams
    of water
    as US..
    oh.. Love
    so Free..
    And gosh2.. Candy
    i’m thinking wow2
    i’m so lucky2 as
    OH GOD2
    no one
    can read
    my chicken
    scratch hand
    writing.. at
    least i have
    a chance now
    here.. sMiLes
    wheRe digital
    of fingers
    and keys

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  3. I lov this – what a heart warming piece. I have never heard anyone say this before. I am glad that you joined my OLN, else I might have missed such a wonder piece.


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