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Eloquent Liar

she had a gift
that something special
all who heard her
speak believed
and seemed un-
able to think for
she was smooth like
polished copper
her smile was
genuine, her touch
warm and welcoming
oh, yes –
you were sure you
were her best friend
her confidante
she was the person-
ification of
I would have
fallen for her lies
too – if she were not

Just Jot It January 27th – mendaciloquent (quite a challenge!)

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I am one
with the moon
and stars
the cosmic dust
of planets

I am one
with the sun
and clouds
the flow of rivers
the ebb of tides

I am one
with the music
of nature
the dance
of seasons

I am one
with the beat
of your heart
the pulse
of your being


Just Jot It January 26th – oneness

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it must have been
magic spell
compelling me
to sit outside
beneath the moon
though it was
wintery –
not June
but as I tipped
my face to see
that gentlemanly
orb spied me
and sent a
to my cheek
a little kiss to
start my week
oh, surely I had
been compelled
by magic
as they fell


Just Jot It January 24th – compelled

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Finding Felicity

they are trembling
checking batteries, stocking
pantry shelves with
bread and toilet tissue
they are panicking
glued to the weather
channel, staring
out the windows
revving up the snow
I am smiling
books and afghan
at the ready
finding felicity
in a winter storm


Just Jot It January 22nd  -felicity

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Some Days


some days I am mittens
holding tight – fingers
clasped around my
safe and warm within
my knitted life
comforted by simple
some days I am gloves
fingers stretched out
to touch the world
grabbing all of what
this life can offer
reaching for the
some day I am mittens
some days I am gloves


Just Jot It January 21st  –  mittens

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At Midnight

surreptitiously , deliciously
I wait until the lights are off
till every one is snuffling
in their beds
and then I wait little longer
just to be sure
cautiously, conscientiously
I creep toward the
hiding place
the place where no one
would think to look
deliberately, discreetly
I reach behind the
sauerkraut jar to find
my secret
chocolate stash


Just Jot It January 20th  –  surreptitiously