Midnight Clear choka

a clear winter night
millions of stars sparkled
against the black sky
gentle snowflakes float to earth
land on noble fir
where mouse and rabbit huddle
from the distant town
sounds of voices joined in song
float across the fields
notes of joy, peace, hopefulness
echo through the air
the stars shine brighter and
the tree stands prouder
mouse and rabbit sleep soundly
undisturbed this silent night

© Candace Kubinec



14 thoughts on “Midnight Clear choka

  1. Excellent choka Candy … as Dolores says it’s nice (or good) to see how you have followed the syllables count. Counting syllables isn’t my thing, but in this choka composed by you it fits ao well. Thank you.


  2. Beautifully done and I too am happy you kept to the syllable count. The choka isn’t quite like a tanka or haiku … it needs the syllable count to help keep the rhythm of the poem … it used to be a form put to music … the feel of this choka is serene and very elegant. Bastet


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