Looking In

he couldn’t sleep
even though he
had been up all night –
it was his turn for

the night shift –
instead he stood
outside peering through
windows to watch

the smiles of excited
children opening gifts
his heart glowed when
he heard squeals of

joy as boys and girls
played with the toys they
most wished for but it was
time to go home

have some cookies
warm milk and put
his feet up – so with a soft
“ho, ho, ho”, he disappeared

into to the morning mist

14 thoughts on “Looking In

  1. A lovely & fun romp, rife with season’s warmth. Oddly, with so many terrible & dark things happening in the world right now, at first while reading this I feared it was going to take a dark turn, & we were reading about a Peeping Tom; silly me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SMiLes.. little do ‘they’
    kNow.. Santa spends
    his life
    now Santa
    lives somewhere
    on a beach.. with
    nary worries
    all tanned
    with a nice and
    sweet looking wife
    doing everything for
    him.. never aging Now..



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