An Open Letter To My Cat

In spite of your exalted status
with special pillows and
window seat you are not invited
to sit at the dinner table
We will not save you a chair
or set a place for you and
you will not be considered
a centerpiece

23 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Cat

  1. This made me smile, as I think of one of my dogs who thinks HE is prince and belongs at the table. I think cats are even more presumptive than my dog…. This poem made me smile.


  2. You go girl! I keep telling my cat we’re both royalty, so now who is serving who? She tried the tble one, but I had to back down about the pilchards – she would not, not for three days, not eat unless I put down pilchards. She just had an op so I got panicky and specially went and bought some. Not sure she didn’t smirk.


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