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Waiting for Words

it was a dark and gloomy night
a night that didn’t feel quite right

the moon was snoring, still in bed
with cloudy blankets o’re his head

the stars were nowhere to be found
no giggling, no fooling ’round

i couldn’t sleep it was so black
i crept downstairs to find a snack

the cat was curled up on my chair
i took my plate back up the stairs

climbed into bed with pen and pad
to chronicle the night i’d had

my mind went blank no single word
flowed from my pen, this was absurd

it seems my muse had left my side
to snuggle with the moon, outside

i was the only one awake
with pen and pad, and tea and cake

it was a dark and gloomy night
a night i couldn’t even write


I am a reader, a writer, and a snapper of photos

12 thoughts on “Waiting for Words

  1. Cute poem, Candy. When you get old you will do this a lot a warm cup of decaf, two peanut butter cracker sandwiches, grab the iPad and head to the guest room bed. Mostly I compose and blog with the iPad except for uploading pictures


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