Take A Hike


Get up!

Get out

Pull on your thick woolen socks

Push you feet into my souls

My tongue is hanging out

Thirsting for fresh air

Lace me up

You and me trekking through

Farm fields and woodlots

Tramping on pine needle trails

Hopping across ribbons of water

Bring your camera, if you must –

It will just slow us down

Get up!

Leave that chair

That book

That pen

Let’s take a hike

4 thoughts on “Take A Hike

  1. Hopping across ribbons of water


    I love that description and I agree, the camera does slow one down…sometimes that can be good but other times the mind needs a break to just absorb and stop looking foor the beauty just let it be and be part of it.

    Lovely work, Candy!


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