Collaboration for Peace – 23

Mish  and I hope you find some time for stillness this week


photo by Mish

In Stillness

I’ve laid down my pack
and loosened the laces
on my hiking boots
I will sit for a while
admire the mountains I’ve
yet to climb
I will inhale the clean air
and listen for the small
stirrings of creatures
watch for the
aerial performance of
hawks in the blue sky
I will feel the warm breeze
as it passes me, hurrying off
to the valley below
I will stay here a while
in stillness – waiting
until peace joins me
then I will move on



hiking the trail
boots treading lightly
backpack like a
papoose hugging
me tightly
I follow those who
blazed the way
through this verdant forest
who honored the
earth and stream –
life source
respected the bear
and coyote, rabbit
and mouse
I walk alone with
only my thoughts
as companions
and those thoughts
are of you

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picture from twentytwowords

Take A Hike


Get up!

Get out

Pull on your thick woolen socks

Push you feet into my souls

My tongue is hanging out

Thirsting for fresh air

Lace me up

You and me trekking through

Farm fields and woodlots

Tramping on pine needle trails

Hopping across ribbons of water

Bring your camera, if you must –

It will just slow us down

Get up!

Leave that chair

That book

That pen

Let’s take a hike