Camera This

d’Verse Poets Pub – Meet the bar: verbing

Camera This

I need to camera these moments
Save them somewhere in my memory
I need to camera these moments
Album them in my heart to keep them from
Negativing into ghosts of themselves

I need to camera these moments
Lens them into focus until I can’t forget

A Teabag Kind of Day

Thirty poems in April: a final in verbs
We are verbing around in the Graden  for the last day of April


A Tea-bag Kind of Day

I have been tea-bagged
Dunked in and out of hot water
Then left to steep too long –
Had every ounce of goodness
Squeezed out of me
And now you wonder why
I am just a bit bitter
If you were more observant you
Could have read the warning in the
Dregs I left behind



Smoothed Out

d’Verse Poets Pub – Verbify Me

Lillian has challenged us to create a new verb.

Smoothed Out

I’ve been mayonnaised
the bits and pieces of me
swirled and blended
until I’m smoothed out
spread flat, sandwiched
between words that comfort
and words that cut