Time Enough

Time Enough

We stroll through life
thinking we have enough time
to say all the things that
are in our hearts
do all the things that
are in our minds
pray all the prayers that
are in our souls

We rush through days
with our eyes closed
trying to do it all
worrying we aren’t strong
enough or smart enough
or rich enough but
always thinking we have
enough time

Until the day when that one
who was strong and smart
brave and kind is gone
then we know there is never
enough time

Time Loop

somewhere around the bend
is where our tomorrow lies
bend my mind around your
lies until it comes unwound
your smile will bind the pieces
unwound the clock of today
pieces fall in pools of time
today lags far behind
time on the path to somewhere


the OctPoWri Mo challenge today is to write a loop poem where the last word in the first line is the first in the third a the last of the second is the first of rhe fourth and so on.

I certainly found it to be challenging – at least I gave it a shot.


image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow