Spring Snowstorm

d’Verse Poets Pub – Meet the Bar with impressionism
Bjorn has challenged us to write as an impressionist would paint.

Spring Snowstorm

heavy, wet
covers every bare branch
until just a hint of red maple buds
catch the sun’s rays
every shrub, a shapeless mound
the pale gray sky blends into the
featureless landscape where
the booted tracks of a child
create random patterns
of shadow across my yard

the gardener haibun

She loved her garden in spring the best. It’s true that in each season there is beauty but nothing compares to the hopefulness of tiny green shoots emerging from months spent biding their time underground. Everyday she could see how much they grew as they were nurtured by the gentle spring sun. Soft rain quenched their thirst. Each shoot knew it was destined for greatness under the watchful eye of the gardener.

tiny green shoots
push through the bare earthen crust
determined to bloom


Carpe Diem Special #187 – Georgia’s 3rd “idyllic spring”