Where Poetry Lives

Where Poetry Lives


i think i got it all wrong
poetry does not live
in the moon and the stars

it is the gray dove that
sits on the knobby bare branches
of a choke cherry tree
puffed up
warming itself in the
morning sun

the small squirrel
the one with a slight limp
that stuffs its cheeks
full with seeds the sparrows
have dropped in the
grass under the bird feeder

the hissing sound of the
shiny tea kettle filled with hot
water bubbling and bouncing
on the back burner of a
flat top stove ready to
become my morning tea



d’Verse Quadrille #27 – giggle
De has us laughing over our Quadrilles today.
Here’s my silly offering.


we booked the gig(gle)
for Friday night
and I wore a wig(gle)
just for laughs
we danced a jig(gle)
until the street lights came on
by the glow of a flashlight
we read poetry
until our eyes drooped
and the words were mere squiggles

Collaboration for Peace – 43


Photo by Mish


Free Fall

we’re free falling
flying without wings
hands clasped
at the cord that binds
us to the past
leaving behind the strife
the worries
the discord
and drifting into the
open arms of peace


Mish and I are taking a short break. We’ll be back with more photos and poetry in January. Our goal is to reach 52 posts – a whole year of collaboration!

Collaboration for Peace – 14

Mish and I are hoping your day is filled with peace and poetry



photo by Mish


Covered in Poems

The world is covered in an ocean of poems
That ride in and out with the current(affairs)
They are a tsunami of emotion

A tidal wave of rebellion
We splash and play in the surf of words
And picnic on beaches of smooth syllables

We wiggle our toes in trickles of rhyme
And bathe ourselves in cool rhythms
We are tugged by the undertow of language

Until we’re drowned in a wave of love letters


(c) Candace Kubinec

Round and Round


A carnival doesn’t come alive

Until the sun goes down

The bright snap of multi-color

Neon outlines the ferris wheeeee-l

And the swaying riders in the

Top car are silhouetted against

The night sky