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Sleep Interrupted

Tuesday Poetics with Lillian –
what are your dreams made of?

Seven-year olds are wise in the way of dreams –
which shows to avoid too near bedtime
In order to dodge sketchy dreams.

Which ones could lead to full-blown nightmares.
Shows that feature mummies or yetis
are at the top of the list, along with anything that dies.

Only shows that make you laugh are allowed.
I should have heeded the warnings.

Check out the dreamers at

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Web of Dreams

Fireblossom Friday – “Perchance to Dream”

it’s all about those night time dreams in the Garden

Web of Dreams

held to this earthly life
by filaments of spidered
dreams I spin through
layers of night each
a web of its own
chasing lions through burning buildings
trying to find a lost locker combination
wearing only my slip –
until the rising
sun breaks the spell
that kept me captive to the dark