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porch swing

Carpe Diem #1445 cooling on the porch (hashi-i)

gentle morning breeze
porch swing slowly sways in time
peaceful start of day

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Early Morning Snapshot

Early Morning Snapshot

There was just a slight film
Of ice on the birdbath
Evidence of exposure to
A cold snap overnight
From the fog covered window
of my dark room I wipe a
small aperture from which
to view the depth of the field
beyond the fence
as I watch a cardinal bursts from
the bare branches of an
old oak tree in a flash of red

Tweetspeak Poetry prompt – use vocabulay from an occupation

I chose photography

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Morning Gloria

Poetic Asides – Nov chapbook challenge

Day 1 – write a New Day poem


Morning Gloria

morning sashays in like
a woman in a red dress
who knows everyone is watching
she pushes the darkness
into a corner where it will
cower until her glow turns
and strolls away

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Weekend Mini-Challenge: Out of Your Own Words
I’m using the line, solitude is my friend, from my poem Simply Me


solitude is my friend
she sits quietly beside me
holding my hand
whispering in my ear
telling me my words matter

solitude is my friend
she nudges my muse
into wakefulness when
morning slips through
the kitchen window

solitude is my friend
she sits quietly beside me
as night steals the light
comforting me with her presence
until sleep taps me on the shoulder