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Collaboration for Peace – 18

Another collaboration brought to you by Mish and I. Have a peaceful day!


photo by Candy

Out on a Limb

Hearts begin beating

With innocence

Untainted and pure

Helpless they long to be

Loved and nourished

Expecting nothing more

Than other hearts
To improvise
Join in, synchronized

To their sweet song

© Mish

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Hope N’at

We sat along the crick waiting
The sky was unusually blue
the blue of joy
We packed our lunch
chipped chopped ham sandwiches
and planned to stay all day
if necessary
It was the day the iggle hatchlings
were due to fledge
After years of pollution from
still mills and factories the air
and rivers around Pittsburgh
were fresh and clean
and the iggles were nesting again
The first bird took flight and
as we looked over the hill
toward dahntahn
we were filled with hope n’at

I had  a little fun in the Garden using some of the words you hear in the Pittsburgh, PA area

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Not Much New

There’s not much new
between midnight and
except in that second
we’ve gained another year
flipped the calendar page
kissed someone we love
(or like a lot)
made promises to
ourselves about the
improvements we’ll
be seeing in the coming months
shared a toast, raised
a glass
danced and hugged
cheered with the crowd
and felt the stirrings
of hopefulness tingling
down our spines.
Happy New Year!!
Wishing you peace and hope in 2016