You Fill Me Up

I Once Used an Earthquake–dVerse MTB: Symbolism
Victoria is tending bar today at the Pub

You Fill Me Up

the refrigerator stood alone
in the kitchen
bright and shiny on the outside
almost empty on the inside
everyday it gave and gave
never questioning or complaining
always in the middle of gatherings
and parties but somehow feeling
left out, overlooked
then he came with bags
of love and hope
and it felt full again

A Shell of Hope

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #42 – hope
De has filled the pub with hope

A Shell of Hope


we coat our hearts with
a fragile shell of hope

trying to protect it from
the chips and cracks

that will inevitably occur
we seal those chips and cracks

with patches of tolerance,
knowledge and love

making our hope shine
brightly amid the darkness

this poem

Poetic Asides – Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 413 – a recognition poem


this poem ….

would like to recognize
the lined paper and pink-ink pen
that made my appearance possible
without their support I would
be just random thoughts escaping
into the atmosphere
they pushed and prodded my
words into being
arranged them and rearranged
them until they were ready
to shine a light in the darkness
to offer hope to the hopeless
to make a wish for peace for
all who read ….
this poem

Thoughtful You

d’Verse Poets Pub -MTB — The Acrostic

Frank has us writing ‘letters’


Thoughtful You

This crazy life
Had me spinning
Out of control
Unsure where to
Go – what to do next
Hope was just a flicker
Trying to chase darkness
Failing to comfort me
Until you offered

Collaboration for Peace – 47





Why are we backpedaling
While currents of clarity
Still flow at our feet?
How does one drop of impurity
Poison our possibilities?
When are we accountable
For the inevitable,
Witnesses to the destruction?

We are the ripples of hope
On waters, stagnant
The ancient sunlight shimmer
Dancing over shadows
We are the reflections
Of persistent hands of change
And this world did not evolve
Without us


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