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Wide Open

It’s all about WALLS in the Garden today

Wide Open

some might build walls
for protection
for isolation
for immunity
after their hearts have
been broken
keeping other hearts out
fearing more damage
but I will keep my heart open
to life as it comes
each bruise or tear
making it smater, stronger –


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Your Heart

Over at d’Verse Poets Pub, Mish has us taking a closer look at the art of Ally Saunders for some inspiration.
I chose her work titled Crossing the River. You can see more of her art here



Crossing the River  – Ally Saunders

Your Heart

Bring me your heart
With past lives and
Worn out feelings

Bring me your true heart
Your joyful heart
Your mournful heart
Your trusting heart

Bring me your fragile heart
Let me tenderly
Stow it away
Throw away the key

Bring me your heart
And I will
Give you mine

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The Phrenologist

Quadrille # 22 – scar

The Phrenologist

The charlatan claimed to
Be able to read the bumps
And dents on my scull
He massaged, prodded
Poked, stroked
Then told me I was kind,
A little sensitive
What would he tell me
If he could read the scars
On my heart

De has us scar(ffing) up words to fill a Quadrille over at d’Verse Poets Pub

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Heart Patches

We’re finding Bits of Inspiration from Amber Rose Tamblyn in the Garden today


your battery acid words fly through
the air burning everyone they touch
like sparks from a forest fire

they land on my unprotected heart
leaving singed holes where
my feelings used to be

I build up walls of insulating
smiles to protect the fragile
core of my soul and wait

until you have burned
yourself to ashes
then I stitch bright patches

of summer sun and bluest sky
to heal the scorched places
and I move on