In Celebration of Green Beans

In Celebration of Green Beans

We planted rows of beans.
Surrounded them with fencing – the kind
to keep rabbits from nibbling on the tender
shoots. We watered, weeded, cheered
when their white flowers were pollinated by bees.
Now we are holding a celebration in honor of
fresh green beans.

The Reality of Gardens

d’Verse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday: Meet Piet

The Reality of Gardens

On winter days I spend a great deal of time thinking about my flower beds. Outside the wind is blowing wisps of snow around the corner of the house and only the hardiest birds come to the feeders. I stay hunkered down with my dreams and schemes and plans for next summers perfect garden.

When spring sashays her way across the yard I’m faced with more weeds than buds. So begins the relentless battle with ground ivy and winter cress, which have been patiently waiting for those first warm rays of sunshine. My ideal garden vanishes in a puff of reality and I am happy to scatter some seeds in the empty patches of dirt. I’m pretty sure the bees and butterflies don’t visit for the aesthetics.

Outdoor gallery
Blooms of multi-colored zinnias
Abstract garden art

A Healing Garden


D’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics with poisonous plants

A Healing Garden


I will purge my pretty garden of
its foxglove poison
Plow under the toxic nightshade and
noxious belladonna
Take a hatchet to the deadly hemlock
Rip out the baneful wolfsbane
and let my garden heal itself with fields
Of golden dandelion, mallows, yarrow
And St John’s Wort


We recently visited the Millbrook Marsh in State College, PA. A great place for fishing, bird watching, and plant and insect identification.


This is the main education building

I really liked this small building with ivy growing over the door and painted walls


This painted bench was in one of the fields


What a great gate leading to the pollinator garden


Carpe Diem #1028 “sadness”

what a great quote as our inspiration –
[…] “Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.” […] Khalil Gibran

on the other side
flowers bloom with abandon
my garden weeps