Still Here

Fireblossom Friday: Bang, You’re Dead.

Still Here


i am stardust and
skimming through
your atmosphere

i am the whispered
blowing through
your hair


i am the fog
that hides the
sun from
your face

i am the rain
from the sky like
your tears

i am not gone

Penultimate Visit

We’ve almost made it! It’s the penultimate prompt in the Garden

Penultimate Visit
If I had known tomorrow
You would be gone
I might have sat beside
Your bed a little longer
Told you all the things I
Love about you
Remembered stories from
Our childhood – the times
We giggled until our bellies
Hurt – the times we cried over
Lost pets
I would have asked you all the
Questions I had saved for
Another time
If I had known this day would
Spill over into your last
I would not have hurried home
To read a book and drink a cup
Of tea

No Lady

In the Garden today we are finding inspiration in a poem by Ellen Kort


She’s No Lady –

she rudely pushed her
way into the room
she claimed she had
an appointment – then
pointed a long bony finger at
the frail woman in the bed
and hissed, “you’re coming with me”
over our protests she snatched
up the woman, laughed coarsely
and they vanished