Camera This

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Camera This

I need to camera these moments
Save them somewhere in my memory
I need to camera these moments
Album them in my heart to keep them from
Negativing into ghosts of themselves

I need to camera these moments
Lens them into focus until I can’t forget

If I’d Only ….

If I’d Only Had a Camera

I would have captured you
On film
I’d hold the image of you
Of this moment
Put you in an album
Labeled ‘inamorato’
And when days are dark
Gaze at your visage
Until the light of your
Smile brings me peace

PAD day 3 at Poetic Asides


Carpe Diem # 1025 “beauty”

The inspiration for this episode comes from this quote by Rumi
[…] “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” […] Rumi

camera in hand
she walks along foreign streets
capturing beauty

I’ve been busy with family and traveling for the past few weeks.
Time to get back to Haiku.