Confessions of a Night Owl

d’Verse Poets – Quadrille #67 – early
Kim is hosting our Quadrille Monday at the pub this week.

Confessions of a Night Owl


There is no early in this bird
No worms to catch
This bird like to snooze in
The early morning
Likes to roll over and catch
A few more winks
This bird hangs with the
Owls – hooting in the dark
Inside a book

Wild In My Backyard


Day eleven at NaPoWriMo has us writing a Bop- a sort of sonnet+song


Wild In My Backyard – A Bop

The feeders are filled and I wait
For the return of goldfinches and
Chickadees to my little patch of backyard
With binoculars and field guide beside me
I sit by the window watching and hoping
To add a new species to my life-list

Until the hawk came

There was some drama brewing
As sparrows competed for the
Only empty housing option available
An unpainted box, nailed to the choke cherry tree
All morning they have flown in and out
Carrying small twigs and bits of found straw
Urgently building a nest for egg laying time
Singly focused- instinctively placing each piece

Until the hawk came

Squirrels were up to their old tricks
Trying to attack the feeder for an easy meal
But always thwarted by the black cone attached
To the pole that even their acrobatics could not defeat
And the first chipmunk of the year sits on the ground
Under the feeders stuffing it’s cheeks with dropped seeds

Until the hawk came

Feathered Friends

D”Verse Poets Pub – Does your dog wear a raincoat???
Lillian is tending bar with the animals today

Feathered Friends
people sit beneath this tree
watching you, watching me

spilling secrets from their hearts
not suspecting we are smart

enough to even comprehend
the bond between two special friends

so we just sit and until they leave
astounded they are so naive

Collaboration for Peace – 18

Another collaboration brought to you by Mish and I. Have a peaceful day!


photo by Candy

Out on a Limb

Hearts begin beating

With innocence

Untainted and pure

Helpless they long to be

Loved and nourished

Expecting nothing more

Than other hearts
To improvise
Join in, synchronized

To their sweet song

© Mish


Carpe Diem Special #205 – Sara McNulty’s first “tree frog serenade”

hot night
chorus outside my window
tree frog serenade

(c) Sara McNulty


Here is my attempt inspired by Sara’s haiku

first light
sparrow and finch compete
singing contest

humble hope

Poetics: Poetry Is For The Birds
d’Verse Poets
the congregation sits in silence
humble prayers take flight as
wisps of smoke
bouquets of daffodils adorned
with skeins of ribbon
the only light amid the
tidings of unkindness
there is no ostentatious orator

with brooding words of deceit
only murmurations of hope
for peace