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Sleeping Over

Celebrating Children’s Poetry – Dreaming with Stacie
It’s all about tickling our inner child in the Garden today. Thanks to Stacie for this funtastic prompt.


Sleeping Over

Who giggled the hardest
When we told goofy jokes
Ate all the popcorn
And drank all the Coke

Who turned on the flashlight
To tell scary stories
Then heard heavy footsteps
And smelled something gory

Who screamed the loudest
Hid under the bed
Eyes shut and ears covered
Pillow over your head

Who fell asleep first
Sleeping bag on the floor
I’ll keep your secret
‘Cause I heard you snore

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d’Verse Poets – One Momento from Mish

Poetic Asides
Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 387
“One” poem


a tiny silver time-machine
recovered from a drawer
transports me to a school
playground –
onsies, twosies, threesies
little girls sitting in a circle
no worries except
making it to tensies
where are they now
do they remember
playing ‘jacks’ at recess
or are they now too worried about
grown-up games

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Collaboration for Peace – 47





Why are we backpedaling
While currents of clarity
Still flow at our feet?
How does one drop of impurity
Poison our possibilities?
When are we accountable
For the inevitable,
Witnesses to the destruction?

We are the ripples of hope
On waters, stagnant
The ancient sunlight shimmer
Dancing over shadows
We are the reflections
Of persistent hands of change
And this world did not evolve
Without us


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Want To Know

I Want To Know

How the moon learned
to shine
Why planets don’t
get dizzy – spinning
What the stars do
during the day
Where clouds find
rain and snow
Who whispers to
the wind
When you knew


Poetice Asides PAD

d’Verse Poets Pub – OpenLink Night #186

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Snow Day

It’s ‘Stuff and Nonsense’ in the Garden today
Just for fun we have three made-up words to use in our poems –
snarfdiffanous, rhambangle and lalamilty.  I even added some of my own 😉

Snow Day

And just plain snarfdiffanous
The best part of all
There is no school
No stinking rules

Down steepy hills
No stranger to danger
Scoff at lalamity
Don’t give a damnity

Fire blazing
Snuggle under a rhambangle
Slurping hot chocolate
Watching cartoons
Munch crunching phaloons