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Dark Side

We’re exploring the dark side of love over in the Garden


Dark Side

No creamy smoothness swirling
Nothing sweet and sickening
Nothing gooey
Finger liking
Tongue tickling

No, this is a day for darkness
And bitterness
Straight from the jungle
No less than 85%
Roasted, husked, and ground



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A Simple Valentine’s Day


A Simple Valentine’s Day

I pull on my valentine socks
The gray striped ones with
Shiny hearts all over them
I made you a pop-up card
That says ‘I *heart* you
You bought me six chocolate roses
And a chai latte
No lavish dinner
No giant heart shaped box
No wine and candlelight
No serenade
We know that love is in
The small things
Looks exchanged
The gentle touch of a hand
An old song remembered
The everyday gestures
That we do not take for




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The Journey

d’Verse PoetsPub – Inspired by Art!
Lillian is tending bar and has introduced us to the fabulous art of Catrin Welz-Stein.
You can see more of her work HERE


©️ Catrin Welz-Stein


The Journey

Come be my friend
Just for a while
Set sail with me
Just for a mile

Let’s see the world
Through different eyes
Discover truths
We thought were lies

Let’s trust our hearts
To know the way
To find the words
With which to pray

For fellowship
And peace and love
An olive branch
A snow white dove

Come be my friend
Just for awhile
Set sail with me
Just for a mile






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Heart Condition

D’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #50 – murmur

De has us murmuring to ourselves at the Pub today

Heart Condition

An affliction of the heart
Not a-pitter or a-patter
No whooshing, beating,
Thrumming sound
Something softer
A whisper
That continues
Through the day
And through the night
A comforting small murmur
Of your voice repeating
“I love you”