I love the graceful feel of my
Pen gliding, looping
Across a blank page
Curls and twirls of ink which
Are as much me as the
Green of my eyes or
The birthmark on my thigh
I love the smudge of blue on my fingers
When the final letter has been formed
Leaving behind a trail of inky words
Words that belong to only me


Posed on Tuesday Platform at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads
Today is National Handwriting Day – who knew?

21 thoughts on “Handwritten

  1. Your poem had a swooping happy feel to it, with the pen gliding across the blank page, the smudge of blue and the trail of inky words’. Love it, Candy!


  2. Isn’t it nice to write now and then! Generally I write notes to myself or make a TD list.
    Why do we call emailing and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, et.al. “Writing”?


  3. Dearest Candy, your poem has me grinning from ear to ear. I love how your speaking feels about handwriting (and not just because I feel the same way). The pen to soul connection is just… lovely.


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