On Being You

On Being You

you will not always be who/what you are right now
your twenty year old self is not your thirty year old self
and your thirty year old self is not your forty year old self
and it goes on …….

you do not have to stay what you are at this moment
whatever that might be to you
don’t get stuck
don’t label yourself
don’t limit yourself



give up the things that don’t work for you
be willing to change directions
be willing to change opinions
be willing to accept the unexpected

include gratefulness in your life
for everyday, insignificant things
for others
for who you are

always be kind
there will never be enough kindness in the world
be truthful to yourself
be strong in your values – know what they are

love and you will be loved – yourself included
respect and you will be respected – especially yourself

reject the negative
it will only give you heartache

embrace the belief that there is good in this world
and be a part of it

seek joy

find peace


© Candace Kubinec


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