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Autumn Troiku

Carpe Diem Weekend-meditation #3 – Troiku

on the river
lights float to the horizon
the dead rejoice

© Basho

And here is my attempt at a Troiku based on Basho’s haiku

on the river
autumn leaves sail downstream
yellow boats

lights float to the horizon
drifting with the current
fallen leaves

the dead rejoice
in the change of seasons
earth lies fallow

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The Garden Gnomes are writing Fall Acrostics today



Maybe someday
I will understand the mystery of the
Great migration – when
Raptors and geese
And swallows heed some ancient
Tocsin to leave behind the Northern autumn
In search of warmer rays in the South
One day maybe I will follow them
Never to return

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Straight From the Heart

Straight From the Heart

for your information
this poem speaks from
the heart
no part has been analyzed or
organized or otherwise
it says what it means even
if that means it must stay up
all night to consult with the moon
learning how to make you swoon
this poem holds out its hand
to offer its love
no secondhand moonbeam or
tarnished star trinket to
place on a shelf
this poem offers itself
unpolished, unvarnished
not garnished with roses
false glittery poses
this poem tells the truth
for your information
this poem is in love
with you


Wednesday Poetry  Prompt #411  at Poetic Asides – write an ‘information’ poem

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Moon Questions

d’Verse Poets Pub -The answer is 42
Borjn is looking for questions at the Pub


Moon Questions

what does the moon see from
its perch high above?
does it see the clouds and
storms that swirl?
does it see the ocean rise up
in anger?
does it see the earth cracking
apart, cities crumbling?
what does the moon hear from
its perch high above?
does it hear winds howling
across grasslands?
does it hear crying coming from
each corner of the globe?
or is the moon so far away
that earth is a pleasant blur
of blue and green and the cries
are just a whisper?