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At B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond we are finding inspiration in the words of Bob Dylan.
I’ve taken mine from All Along the Watchtower.


I’m watching,
waiting for the truth
for sweet songs
telling the stories of peace
that will heal our wounds

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Full Circle two

Full Circle at Carpe Diem
Here are the words to use – in order

1. rain
2. young leaves
3. buds
4. mountain
5. silence
6. monk
7. river
8. summer breeze
9. she
10. snow
11. sparrow (s)
12. blue sky

spring rain

young leaves give shelter

tender buds

mountain meadow
wild flowers bow in silence
like monks in prayer

clear river
rippled by summer breeze
she dips in her toes

first snow fall
sparrows wait in pine trees
until blue sky returns

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Lady October

Over in the Garden we’re writing about October
Lady October

She’s wrinkled and worn
Her beauty fading fast
She limps through the days
Energy waning
longer each night
of lost youth
under a hoarfrost blanket
Cold hands hiding her
warm heart


posting at d’Verse Poets Open Mic too