Mining for Coal

Did it feel like entering
the gates of
Hell -descending into
that dank pit
digging out the bowels
of the earth
breathing in black
dust until your lungs
were filled
covered in the devil’s
own breath
with only the whites
of your eyes glowing
eerily in the darkness
day and night were the same
a tin pail and a lantern
your only solace
a pick axe your weapon

10 thoughts on “Mining for Coal

  1. Coal miners? I once visited the bowels of a tin mine in Wales. Lots of people used to die there before safety regulations became written and enforced. I don’t know if they get Black Lung or only coal miners. Pretty scary work when one thinks about the dangers.

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  2. No more visual and fearsome example of a harrow in life than the coal mine — that one must do daily shifts there makes it only more awful. Loved the image of those white eyes in such darkness.

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