d’Verse Meeting the Bar – Golden Shovel

“For one thing there is no snow”
Billy Collins  Report from the Subtropics


I must thank the neighbors for
planting that tree, just one
that in the spring is a thing
most glorious a sign of hope there
among the evergreens it is
blooming white and shouts “no
longer are we bound by snow”

13 thoughts on “Dogwood

  1. Candy – we both chose Billy Collins tonight! He has, until recently, taught at Rollins here in Orlando and I have always loved his perspective on living in the sub-tropics. This is really a wonderful poem you have here!

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  2. Love your choice of poem & line — and how your own piece maintains Billy Collins’ conversational humor — even while declaring ‘ no more snow ‘ from a very different place than the subtropics. 🙂

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