Game Over

Bouts-Rimes Revisited; Meeting the Bar
over at d’Verse Poets

he asked me to stay
and then he just sits
staring at a screen to play
some computer game, battle wits
with other cyber-nerd misfits
we live like some tv comedy
there’s even a neighbor who flits
in and out to share the tragedy
of her life but never looks me in the eye
if I was really smart
I’d start to cry
mope and sigh as if he’d broken my heart
instead I write these words with a moan
while my heart slowly turns to stone

22 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. Nice hybrid morph for “fits”. I never seem clever enough to do a “form of the word”. Your bittersweet tale works well for the Bouts-Rime.

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  2. For so many this is true. My sister’s husband is glued to one game or another and as Americans we fall to the trap of the tiny screen boxes…or the big ones. Any way…I just listened to a talk by Alan Watts that was about this…working all day to get home to really live – to be watching a reality that we can’t touch, feel or taste…

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  3. Thank goodness our family isn’t addicted to games as those things can ruin the pleasure of conversations ~ I specially like the title and ending line: while my heart slowly turns to stone ~ No surprises there ~

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  4. Love this one. I’m late to the party — posted late too. Boy, I struggled with this one and you make it look so easy here. Love the use of “misfits”…….well done!


  5. You kNow..
    oh no..
    this reminds me
    of my first video game..
    exciting yes.. but strangely
    discomforting.. something
    human touch..
    took me years
    to figure out how
    it was
    to exercise
    the oxytocin
    from bottom
    of feat… to vagal
    nerve and finger tips..
    LIVE NOW..
    BeinG hUman


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