if I stepped out
into space would
you hold tightly to the
tether thats holds me
to my earth,
my blue planet
would you reign me in
if I grew weary of
exploring, seeking
you – the air
I breath
the sun that
wakes me
the moon that
kisses me at night
if I stepped boldly
into worlds unknown
would you follow
trailing behind
guiding me home again
if I stepped lightly
into space
would you be
my tether
or start the
letting me

the challenge today in the Garden is to write an new poem based on one of
David Bowie’s songs – I keep humming the melancholy Space Oddity

I’ll be posting at dVerse Open Link too


28 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Such a wonderful piece, Candy. I also used the idea of the tenuous tether, but I prefer the question you ask:

    if I stepped lightly
    into space
    would you be
    my tether


  2. Always nicer to have a “someone” to be your tether and have the feeling of security from floating away. Love your ending and how the words themselves feel like they’re floating a-way.


  3. Candy, I am awestruck at how yo’ve captured a tone and pacing that echoes the space oddity himself. You’e done so well, and the the first line is simply stellar! Thanks so much for posting to the out of standard!

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