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The Philosophy of Bingo at a Nursing Home


It’s not about winning –

although that’s nice too –

it’s about following rules,

being helpful to neighbors who

can’t hear, can’t see, or can’t understand

It’s hopeful anticipation,

statring over, having a

lucky number,

lucky rabbit’s foot,

lucky socks

It’s about community and

friendships – losing but not

giving up

It’s diversion, escape,




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26 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Bingo at a Nursing Home

  1. I worked in a nursing home in college as part of my community service. I was in charge of games. It was a beautiful thing how they could get so excited about someone winning. I like that you point out about starting over too, as that is so important. It was a group of people that cared for one another, were concerned when someone was missing, and celebrated each other. Everyone giving what they could. I think that is a beautiful community.


  2. Huge smiles for this poem. You make me want to volunteer. My mom worked at nursing homes all her life, and I volunteered. Now I have 4 kids and no time. But such a season will come around again; it’s a huge blessing to nurture humanity in all age groups. And nursing homes can be very sad places; not nearly enough visitors … or fun.

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  3. You have described so well the compassion and meaningful interactions that exist in a simple game. I could definitely picture a group of sweet souls gathered around a table…great visuals. πŸ™‚


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