29 thoughts on “Portable Petunias

  1. “So now I take them with me”. I love that. The photo reminds me when I was a young single mom of four and a bike was my “ride”….I had a big basket fore and aft, as in the picture, and I would travel home from the nursery with a tree waving softly from side to side in the front basket, and a bunch of assorted flowering things in the back. I would ease to a sliding stop at intersections, drivers smiling at me as I teetered on through. Those were the days!

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  2. Hahaha! Love! I had a thought: Why hang up the bike? But I like your instinct so much better. Let us all carry our happiness so others may see and benefit from it too!


  3. There is something so soothing about putting your hand to the earth and joining in creation.
    If you can take that feeling with you, all the better.


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