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Camp Girl

A summer night with stars

and fireflies trying to

outsparkle one another

I inhale deeply the

odor of burning logs and

sounds of singing around

the campfire transports me

to a different time when

a shy six year old spent

her first week at camp

Her mother packed matching

short sets and tennis shoes

The old brown suitcase held

everything on the ‘bring to camp’

list, towels, toothbrush, flaslight,

postcards to write home, stamps

During the days she laughed and swam,

played 4 square and sang Kumbaya

But at night when only the

crickets and owls were awake

she cried silent, homesick tears

I reach up and feel wet tracks

on my cheeks – crying for a little

girl gone away

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Perchance to Write

The Poet's Sleep by Chang Houg Ahn
The Poet’s Sleep
by Chang Houg Ahn

The poet rested his head atop

the empty page surrounded

by shards of words

The petals of his mind

folded in sleep

Voices of long dead

muses whispered in his

unhearing ear

Morpheus and the Sandman

danced across the void

of his consciousness while

the music of sages played on

When the quietus of night

fell upon him he rose

up to find profound scribbles

had appeared where blankness

had prevailed

Whose words they were

he did not know

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The Girl Who Dreamed


there was a girl

who dreamed about

a bright yellow sun

a golden construction

paper circle in the

clear blue sky

a warm and friendly sun

whose rays reached out

to touch the cotton ball

clouds as they passed by

there was a girl who pressed

her nose against the rain

streaked glass and dreamed

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Wait For Me!

If time would slow down

– just a little

I might be able to catch

up, to make my bed, get

the laundry done, buy some

groceries, even cook a meal

Instead I’m running

behind, late, feeling like

Alice – down the rabbit hole

into the looking glass

Always one step away from

the latest trend, slang, fashion

If time would slow down

– for just a second maybe

I wouldn’t have lost you

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That Summer

photo by Bert Stern
photo by Bert Stern

They were children playing

grown-up that last

summer of innocence

The sun was their constant companion

sand the bed they slept upon

waves lured them into

the embrace of the sea

laughter was the music of

wind chimes floating

across the beach

blue sky was a canopy

hanging over their

perfect idyll

And when the seasons changed

so would their lives but

they couldn’t see it coming