Wait For Me!

If time would slow down

– just a little

I might be able to catch

up, to make my bed, get

the laundry done, buy some

groceries, even cook a meal

Instead I’m running

behind, late, feeling like

Alice – down the rabbit hole

into the looking glass

Always one step away from

the latest trend, slang, fashion

If time would slow down

– for just a second maybe

I wouldn’t have lost you

That Summer

photo by Bert Stern
photo by Bert Stern

They were children playing

grown-up that last

summer of innocence

The sun was their constant companion

sand the bed they slept upon

waves lured them into

the embrace of the sea

laughter was the music of

wind chimes floating

across the beach

blue sky was a canopy

hanging over their

perfect idyll

And when the seasons changed

so would their lives but

they couldn’t see it coming

Silent Supplication


I pray for rain

Not a silly drizzle but

A cleansing downpour

They do not care my

Fenders are covered with

Highway dust bunnies

I can barely see through

grime streaked lenses

How difficult would it

Be to uncoil that hose

Hanging at the back

Of the house

It would be a treat to

Scamper through a car

Wash now and then to

Feel bubbles tickling

My bumpers and

Savor the swishing fingers

Of chamois running over

My roof

They do not care

I pray for rain

Ode To My Umbrella

You patiently wait just

Hanging about behind

The back door, under a

Car seat, often in the trunk

No fair weather friend, you

Brolly, bumbershoot, umbrella

Red awning with happy white dasies

Often lost, but not forgotten

On call at a moments notice

You open your arms to

Shelter meĀ from disturbances,

cloudbursts, downpours

Parasol, gamp, canopy

Welcome companion in all seasons

Sometimes forgotten, but not lost

Trailing Memories

there was a tear in her

coat pocket and






fell out leaving a trail of

lost items behind

she wondered if there

might be a similar tear

in her brain trailing







the pocket could be

patched but she wasn’t

so sure