The Girl Who Dreamed


there was a girl

who dreamed about

a bright yellow sun

a golden construction

paper circle in the

clear blue sky

a warm and friendly sun

whose rays reached out

to touch the cotton ball

clouds as they passed by

there was a girl who pressed

her nose against the rain

streaked glass and dreamed

28 thoughts on “The Girl Who Dreamed

  1. I like the image you end on – of that little girl looking out into the rain and dreaming.
    I think storms slow us down so that we can do more of that.


  2. I love the girl pressed against the window. There is something magical and captivating about a heavy rain. It most certainly draws us to the window to watch and ponder. lovely write


  3. a bright yellow sun
    a golden construction
    paper circle in the
    clear blue sky

    These are such beautiful lines! The images in this entire poem.. are so dreamy.. so full of euphoria 😀
    Beautifully executed 😀

    Lots of love,


  4. dreaming…isn’t that the most beautiful thing to do on rainy days… i like the cut out sun image and almost felt the feel of the cool window on the girls face…


  5. Imagination.. Dream of creativity coming in paper dolls of Sun and Rain.. Rain.. Dreams of
    Sun.. Stars.. Galaxies.. Super Novas.. and so much more.. for Rain seeding Life to Organic
    SoUls.. in flight of heArt in Emotional and Sensory SpiRit.. bringing
    feeling finAlly to whole Imaginative Creative View
    of Dreams finAlly
    as Life..:)


  6. In Philippines, we only have two seasons. The first half of the year belongs to Summer while the rest will be the Rainy season. The rainy season has officially started in here & mind me, it’s going to be quite a long wait for summer again. Your poem reflects the same longing & excitement that i feel today for the sun. Thanks for the poem!


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