Ending It

it seemed a good idea – put it in writing

and now the letter was held gingerly

in her quivering hands

sitting across from the mailbox

trying to imagine being elsewhere

in a tea shop or trying on shoes

she could get up, walk away

tuck the missive in an old book or

inside the jacket of a vinyl record album

she could run to the nearest trash

can and drop it there –

or she could open the

mail slot

and end the



(word list – idea, sitting, book, hands, letter, mailbox, shop, records, way, walk, run, elsewhere)

15 thoughts on “Ending It

    1. Forgive me–the heat has totally gone to my brain; the word list–is it yours? Are you Whirligig? Can you help me? I promise to be better when the temps cool down!


  1. Yes sometimes ‘ending it’ holds an appeal but i believe in words if not in people or the world..and it is surprising how much they can create another path..an illuminating and powerful poem – let us always write on


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