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The Treat Treaty

it was a treat that

bag of chips to

be savored

eaten over days shared

with friends but

once i heard the crinkling

paper and the tear

of the foil vessel that held

those crunchy chips once

i felt the whisper of air

as it escaped that bag

of chips

once i smelled the

potatoy saltiness of

that bag of chips

once the first chip passed

my lips i knew and

when my greasy fingers

scrapped the bottom of

that empty bag

i made a familiar treaty

with some unknow being –

never again



I am a reader, a writer, and a snapper of photos

33 thoughts on “The Treat Treaty

  1. Oh, wow, I feel your pain; a lot of junk food affects me the same way, like donuts, chocolate chip cookies & such. Will power is trumped by taste buds.


  2. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I found myself craving potato chips after reading this poem, when I hadn’t had a chip in a long, long time. Very evocatively penned.


  3. Ha. But how long did that treaty last.
    Nice details in this. The escaping air from the bag
    in particular.

    My youngest son is totally like that. He is a junk food
    machine – but thin as a rail cause he is always going.


  4. Very evocative poem! It is so true. There is definitely something about chips that makes us eat one after another until the bag is empty while it is very very hard to stop however hard we might try.


  5. but that seductive aroma of salty potatoes just keeps whispering your name. It is true, the only time you can eat just one is if somebody hands you just one and that’s it. Great details in this. Made me want potato chips.


  6. i sometimes wonder what they put into those chips so that you just cannot stop eating til the bag is empty – that’s what i like in the UK – you get really small chips bag – just one portion..


  7. Ah.. soft drinks and potato chips are my dreams when young
    floating on a chip of coke.. drinking and munching forever
    in delight of life.. but oh no.. i drive to the bank
    in hot weather over and over to see
    the temperature rice on cycle..
    until heat exhaustion comes
    and then a nightmare
    of potato chip
    and my
    dream of chips
    and coke is spoiled
    forevermore.. no.. no coke..
    but i still eat more than one chip..:)


  8. Ruffles are my favorite. I’ve taken to putting a handful in a bowl to eat because otherwise I’ll be scraping the bottom of the bag of chips before I realize it, too. I love the repeat of the phrase “bag of chips.” It built the suspense, even though I knew in my heart of hearts (read mouth and stomach) where this was going. Peace, Linda


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