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Tone on Tone


you sit to

make music with just

two colors

you play on

black and white, fingers flying

and I hear rainbows



I am a reader, a writer, and a snapper of photos

39 thoughts on “Tone on Tone

    1. Let me try that again, something got lost there.

      I like the transformation from black and white to color, that happens when the music begins.
      Def a lot of color in music.


  1. Black as the conglomerate of all colors, & white as the absence; reversing their normal roles–helping us to see the emergence, then transcendence, of the rainbow lurking within. Interesting feel & form to the piece, part haiku, tanka, & lune; nice job.


  2. The keys on the piano are just part of an instrument to produce a wonderful sound to ears. The love & passion of the player is what creates the music that’s both pleasing to heart & mind. Thanks for the poem—simple & direct!


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