Changing Wind

Changing Wind

The wind came blowing through
the trees today, making the leaves
shiver in fear. It was a changed wind,
colder, more sinister. The clouds were
rudely pushed aside by this bully wind and
I heard it whisper through my window,
“Ready or not, here I come.”

Still Here

Fireblossom Friday: Bang, You’re Dead.

Still Here


i am stardust and
skimming through
your atmosphere

i am the whispered
blowing through
your hair


i am the fog
that hides the
sun from
your face

i am the rain
from the sky like
your tears

i am not gone

Wind Blown

NaPoWriMo Day Sixteen – letter-writing

Dear W. Wind,

I did not mean to ignore you or
Seem rude when I slammed the door
As you breezed by

I just ran inside to grab a coat
And maybe a hat and some mittens
You gave me the cold shoulder the

Last time you passed my door
You tried to enter through the loose
Window in the kitchen when Spring

Was already invited for tea
Please, Mr Winter Wind, call ahead
So I can reset the thermostat

Build a fire in the fireplace
Put on some long-johns and fix
A steaming cup of hot chocolate