A Song in the Storm

A Song in the Storm

A small, clear voice sang out
amid the storm of men at war –
a movie song, a moving song.
A call to peaceful action, a voice
to calm the fears of children everywhere.
A song that children sing from homes,
and schools – from street corners and bunkers.
A voice heard by nations and people
unlike her own, yet understood by all.
A child with the wisdom that children possess,
a wisdom that is lost in the foolishness of growing up


Omaha beach, Normandy
Omaha beach, Normandy

I stand

on the beach and
imagine the young men
soldiers in their olive green
uniforms, wearing round,

bowl-like helmets – arms
raised, clutching rifles
pushing through the white-capped

surf onto the wet sandy ground
footsteps leaving pock
marks soon filled with
the tide and their blood


We recently visited Omaha beach in Normandy so this prompt brought to mind the movie “The Longest Day”