A Windy Day

Poets and Storytellers United – Weekly Scribblings #58: Two Into One Will Go

A Windy Day

The wind blew through
It rattled windows and doors
enough to make me look outside
I love
to watch the bare tree branches waving at me
and laugh
at their gyrations, realizing that they are


An Inconvenience

Paul is talking Change over at the Pub


An Inconvenience


A neighbor cut down
an old Black Walnut tree
it was inconvenient –
dropping walnuts in the fall
as walnut trees are wont to do

And then another cut down
a Red Maple
it was inconvenient –
shedding all those leaves in the fall
as maple trees are inclined to do

Yet one more is contemplating
three tall pines behind his house
they are inconvenient –
scattering pine cones in the fall
as pine trees must surely do

Now the birds and squirrels
search out another perch
it is inconvenient –
finding seeds and nuts elsewhere
I think that I will plant a tree

Collaboration for Peace

Mish and I have been working on a project we would like to call “Collaboration for Peace”. Here is our first creation, combining her photos with my haiku. We hope to spread peace and hope throughout this community of poets.
Who is Mish? You can find her at mishunderstood.  We are both members of Artisits4Peace.


tall forest trees stretched
their branches upward to point
the way to heaven

© candace kubinec