A Tiny Ember

d’Verse Poets – Quadrille #64 – Quick!Write something!
Dee is tending bar today and looking for some quickness from us

A Tiny Ember

it didn’t happen quickly –
a slow magical process
a bit by bit transformation

no spark that burst to flame –
a tiny ember that glowed within
warmed my soul

my heart

fed my muse
until I turned from poet
into poem

There Are Days

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12
Write a ‘transformation’ poem


There Are Days

Some days it doesn’t
take much
a smudge of very berry
lipstick and you are transformed
ready to go out and conquer
the crowed grocery isles

some jeans that fit
just right have you
twirling in front of
the mirror

but then there are days –
days you’d rather hide from
days you search for any
excuse to stay home

days when even some
Spanx and a little black dress
won’t convince you that

you are beautiful