On Cloud Nine

Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT #214 – YOUR NUMBER’S UP
Marie Elana and Walt have challenged us to use a phrase with a number in it as the prompt for our poeming this week.

On Cloud Nine
There was no light-hearted laughter
On cloud nine
No warm feeling of joy prevailed
On cloud nine
Clouds one through eight sang, but not
On cloud nine

There was bickering and tears
On cloud nine
Angry gray feelings abounded
On cloud nine
Until no more could be held
On cloud nine
And down poured all the grief upon the earth
From cloud nine

We’ve had non-stop rain here for two days.

Moon Questions

d’Verse Poets Pub -The answer is 42
Borjn is looking for questions at the Pub


Moon Questions

what does the moon see from
its perch high above?
does it see the clouds and
storms that swirl?
does it see the ocean rise up
in anger?
does it see the earth cracking
apart, cities crumbling?
what does the moon hear from
its perch high above?
does it hear winds howling
across grasslands?
does it hear crying coming from
each corner of the globe?
or is the moon so far away
that earth is a pleasant blur
of blue and green and the cries
are just a whisper?